Pricing Structure and Essential Information


To schedule an appointment, kindly initiate contact with us by sending an email using the "Contact" button located above on the right-hand side. In your correspondence, please include your mobile telephone number for us to reach you. We will respond promptly via email (please ensure your email address is accurate and check your spam folder) to facilitate a discussion about your preferences and address any inquiries you may have.


For your convenience, we provide indicative pricing for standard bookings:

Standard (Psilocybin Truffles) Tripsitting Session with Psychological Intake: €699 (including intention setting, psychological preparation, and more). An additional hour can be added for €139 (an option ideal for extended journeys or extra reassurance). You are responsible for arranging your own accommodation (such as a house, hotel room, Airbnb, etc.), and should you desire, we can offer comfortable accommodation suggestions.

Payment is required on the day of the physical session. Please note that different pricing applies when using psychedelics other than psilocybin truffles.

For those seeking additional time to delve into mental issues before their psychedelic experience on the same day, an extra hour can be added for €139. Furthermore, an integration session (1 hour) on the day after the psychedelic experience via WhatsApp video call or Zoom is available for an additional €149. Please be aware that approximately 1 hour, already included in the total price, is allocated for intention setting, getting acquainted, and psychological preparation, as research underscores the importance of intention setting for optimal outcomes. A standard truffles session typically spans from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. During the integration session on the following day, we collaborate on integrating the psychedelic insights into your daily life in a practical manner.

Conventional psychotherapy sessions are priced at €149 per hour. It is advisable to schedule a psychedelic session at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. The precise dosage will be determined on the session day based on factors such as sensitivity, underlying mental concerns, intention, metabolism, and experience. We offer professional guidance regarding dosage options, including the possibility of a therapeutic dosage.


For a comprehensive understanding of your mental health condition, we offer a personalized brain scan (QEEG) with a report detailing your mental health status, areas for improvement, recommended supplements, online brain/performance tests, and a personalized neurofeedback training protocol based on your brain scan. This comprehensive package is priced at €499. Additionally, we offer a professional massage by a female masseur as an optional supplement for women, priced at an additional €95 (provided before the psychedelic experience to facilitate relaxation).


Example: Standard Psilocybin Truffles Experience (€699) + 1-hour Integration Session (€149) + Accommodation and travel costs are not included (No travel costs within Amsterdam). We can provide hotel recommendations across various categories in Amsterdam, including private cabins in natural settings.


During the spring and summer seasons, we offer private Psilocybin Truffles day walks in a beautiful area in Holland, near a relatively quiet beach. The cost for one person is €1295, which includes a taxi ride to and from the area, along with high-quality truffles. Psilohuasca is also available at an additional €149. The drive from Amsterdam to the area takes approximately 40 minutes each way, offering a fantastic natural experience.


For individuals located anywhere in the world, we offer online integration sessions to further elucidate and integrate insights gained from any previous psychedelic experiences. These sessions are priced at €149 for 1 hour and must be paid in advance. All sessions related to psychedelic psychology are conducted by a professional psychologist (MSc.) with extensive experience. Please note that different conditions and pricing apply when seeking tripsitting with other psychedelics. Feel free to contact us via email with any inquiries, or we can schedule a complimentary WhatsApp call to address your questions.

Additionally, upon request, we are available to travel to various locations, including Belgium, Germany, and others, to provide our services.



We treat all information shared, whether before, during, or after the psychedelic experience, with the utmost confidentiality. Your trust in us is a privilege, and we honor it accordingly.



For group bookings within companies, we can provide a customized quotation. This process follows a personal meeting where we outline our services. More information can also be found on our other website:



While there is no specific dietary requirement for participation in our psychedelic sessions, we recommend a vegetarian diet in the lead-up to the session to energetically cleanse your body. It's advisable to arrive at the session with an empty, but not completely empty, stomach (avoid food for 2.5 hours prior to the session). Furthermore, we encourage you to arrive with an intention in mind. It's always recommended to undergo a professional health check (covering aspects like heart and liver health) before booking a psychedelic session. Participation is at your own risk, and you must declare that you are in good health without any physical or psychological conditions that might pose vulnerabilities.



Individuals with schizophrenia or a history of psychotic episodes.

Those diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Individuals with heart problems or high blood pressure.

Individuals taking antipsychotic medications.

If you are on any form of medication or have concerns about your health, we strongly advise consulting with your healthcare provider in advance.




Legal Disclaimer and Responsibility Acknowledgment:

Legal Compliance and Services Offered

Tripsitter.Amsterdam operates strictly within the boundaries of the law and does not endorse or advocate for the use of illegal psychedelic substances. Our services are designed for individuals who willingly and knowingly choose to explore psychedelic experiences, fully understanding and accepting the associated risks.

No Legal Liability

It is crucial to note that neither the company nor our can be held legally responsible for any physical or mental consequences that may arise during or following a psychedelic experience. Each participant must assume full responsibility for their actions and decisions. We emphasize that our services are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological.

Informed Consent and Health Disclosure

Before embarking on a session with us, participants are required to provide informed consent by signing an agreement that acknowledges the aforementioned points. Additionally, you will be asked to disclose your current state of health, including any medications you may be taking. This information is vital to ensuring your safety and well-being during the experience.

No Guarantee of Outcome

We wish to stress that while we are dedicated to guiding your journey with professionalism and care, we cannot guarantee a specific, predetermined outcome. The nature of a psychedelic experience is profoundly influenced by your individual psyche, and therefore, results may vary.

Non-Medical Services

Our services are not offered from a formal healthcare perspective, and we make no claims related to health benefits or of medical conditions. It is important to consult with a qualified medical professional regarding your health and suitability for psychedelic experiences.

In conclusion, this legal disclaimer and responsibility acknowledgment are designed to clarify the terms and conditions surrounding our services. We encourage individuals to approach psychedelic exploration with due diligence, awareness, and a thorough understanding of their personal responsibility in making informed choices regarding substance use and its potential consequences.