About PsychedelicsWork

PsychedelicsWork: Your Path to Safe and Profound Psychedelic Experiences


At PsychedelicsWork, we are deeply committed to providing a secure and meaningful journey through the realm of psychedelics. Our team comprises professionally trained tripsitters, each with a background in Psychology (MSc.) or Counseling. Beyond their professional qualifications, our team members share a genuine passion for the world of psychedelics. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and personal growth, blending somatic (body-focused) and traditional psychotherapy techniques, including Internal Family Systems therapy, whenever applicable. Moreover, we recognize the significance of spirituality in the context of our clients' experiences.


Our Specialized Services:

We specialize in tailoring unique service arrangements and retreats for individuals, couples, and small groups. Whether you are embarking on your first truffle or psychedelic journey or seeking advanced experiences, we curate the perfect SET & SETTING for your needs. As an additional option, we offer guidance on micro-dosing, post-experience integration, lifestyle choices, and incorporating effective psychological techniques into your daily life upon your return. For couples seeking therapeutic support, we provide couples therapy with the integration of psychedelics.

We extend our services across all cities in the Netherlands, not limited to Amsterdam, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of individuals. It is important to note that all our services adhere to legal norms and regulations, ensuring your safety and compliance.


Female Professional Guides for Female Clients:

Recognizing the vulnerability that can accompany a psychedelic experience, we offer female professional guides exclusively for female clients. Your comfort and well-being are paramount to us. For sessions involving other forms of psychedelics or couples, our guides are male. However, it is possible to arrange for a female guide at an additional cost.


Private Psilocybin Truffles Walks:

During the spring and summer seasons, we invite you to partake in private psilocybin truffle day walks in the picturesque natural landscapes of Holland, near the tranquil beaches. These walks provide a unique opportunity to connect with nature while embarking on an enriching psychedelic journey.


Corporate Workshops:

For businesses, we offer personalized workshops designed to enhance creativity, problem-solving, brainstorming, and team-building sessions. Our expertise and experience in facilitating these workshops can help your team unlock their full potential and drive innovation.


Experience the Unexpected:

We invite you to reach out to us with a contact request today, allowing us to surprise you with the transformative power of psychedelics. Discover a safe, nurturing environment for self-discovery, healing, and growth, facilitated by our dedicated team of professionals at PsychedelicsWork. Your journey begins with us.